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Cloth Dish Covers - Floral set (8.5" black, 10.5" gold)
Cloth Dish Covers - Floral set (8.5" black, 10.5" gold)
Cloth Dish Covers - Floral set (8.5" black, 10.5" gold)
Meredith Winn Studio

Cloth Dish Covers - Floral set (8.5" black, 10.5" gold)

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100% cotton dish covers.

sold as set of TWO (one large, one small)

Large fits up to 10.5" size bowl (gold ink)

Small fits up to 8.5" size bowl (black ink)

Use them as an alternative to plastic wrap! These are handmade from breathable cotton, so are perfect for covering the rising dough that sits by the woodstove, for soaking beans or nuts away from curious cats who love water, or for covering produce or leftover salad in the fridge.

Hand block printed and hand sewn, these dish covers have serged edges and are stitched with elastic for a tight adjustable fit to most medium or large size bowls or small plates. Each dish cover is hand block printed with an original floral folk design. Gold (large) and black (small). All inks are water based, non toxic, Speedball block print fabric ink.

I love that these dish covers breathe and don't build up condensation in the fridge and that they can be washed and reused. A breathable cover is preferred by some, because it allows for evaporation. Evaporation aids in cooling. A refrigerator is a very wet environment so your food won't dry out instantly. Depending on what it is, it may dry out after a few days. Alternatively, wrapping food in plastic will keep it moist and even add moisture due to condensation. Those droplets can carry toxins from the plastic to your food.

Removing single use plastics from my kitchen (and from landfills and our oceans) is something I've been striving for. These cloth dish covers make it convenient for me to break my plastic wrap habit.

Wash on cold and tumble dry, or line dry to maintain longevity of the print and to prevent excessive shrinkage. Cotton will soften with time and use.

Due to the nature of block printing, there will be some variance of color in the ink.


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