handmade designs for body and home
handmade designs for body and home
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Hello! I'm Meredith Winn.

I'm a maker of block printed textiles and create designs repurposed from vintage fabrics. I love bold color and minimalist retro-inspired designs. I strive to surround myself with thoughtful items in my home, and I hope to create products that are mindful, beautiful, and functional for you while leaving a light footprint on our earth.

My story:

I threw myself into all mediums of art during my recovery from pelvic bone cancer in 2016. When my mind cleared and my energy returned, I found myself with the strong desire to create things with my hands. I draw all my designs, carve my blocks, and press each print by hand. The process of block printing is very much like meditation for me, and I believe there's a direct connection forged between artist and the product made with my hands and heart and intention.

Over the years I've worked as a teacher, seamstress, photographer, freelance writer, and most recently as an editor for a magazine. I'm an amateur archeologist private detective sleuthing beachcomber who marvels at the mysteries coughed up from the sea; and give daily thanks for my two legs to walk me through this life. 

I believe in magic and talk to ghosts, and will always look for the light. I studied forestry and wildlife biology in college in the early 90's and ran a solar installation company with my son's father for a decade into the early 2000's. I was born on the west coast, spent my childhood on the east coast, lived as a young adult in the rocky mountains and became a mother in the south. I relocated to New England from Austin, Texas in 2011. 

My self:

I live by the ocean tides in a 120+ year old cottage on an island three miles off the coast of Portland, Maine. Before we became empty nesters, we divided our time between mountains and sea. My husband and I raised our blended family (our collective three grown sons, two cats, and one dog) in an off-grid yurt on twenty acres in the foothills of western Maine.

I'm a self-employed one woman micro business who works in small batches from a home studio. I'm a self taught, fumbling, imperfect human who takes joy in the simple pleasure of being alive and making things with my hands. The threads that connect us artist to artist and human to human, are what make this whole world spin round. It's nice to meet you!