block printed by hand
block printed by hand
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Makers Scraps - 100% cotton (hand dyed purple)
Meredith Winn Studio

Makers Scraps - 100% cotton (hand dyed purple)

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Hand Block Printed Makers Scraps

Raw edge - 100% cotton (hand dyed purple)

These scraps are made from excess fabric to minimize my studio waste and make use of scrap fabric leftover from the yardage I print to make various products.  

Sew onto a pair of well loved jeans or sew it onto the back of a jean jacket. Collect a few of these scraps to build your own block printed quilt sewn with fabric from your own collection.

Each scrap is machine washable and dryable, hand block printed with an original design, using Speedball block print fabric ink. Please select which scrap when ordering. All inks are non toxic.

Machine wash and dry AFTER sewn to help minimize fraying the raw edge.

A. Flower (turquoise ink)

B. Blue Moon (blue ink)

C. Power to the Peaceful (one black one white ink)

D. Bird Folk Art (white ink)

E. Power to the Peaceful (white ink)

F. Repeat After Me Floral (turquoise)


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